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About Us

Our education builds strength of character, employable skills, entrepreneurship competences and understanding of global issues. TIS endeavors to develop the 5Cs (Confidence, Creativity, Critical thinking, Communication and Concern for the environment) in every child by using learner centered methodologies and approaches. The Taibah child will be confident and prepared to survive in the real world right from a tender age. We encourage independence of approach in the pursuit of excellence in all activities. It is important that every TIS student will leave the school proud of his/her achievements, confident in his/her abilities and concerned for the needs of others.

Students at TIS are encouraged to develop to their full potential as individuals within the security of our caring, international community. The aims and ethos of the school provide a framework within which students can develop academically, socially and personally under the care and guidance of a Class Teacher (Peer Tutor). There is a commitment to excellence in all activities ranging from the academic curriculum to the co-curricular activities on offer. TIS will ensure that each young person joining us will feel part of a community where confidence, inspiration and excellence can be found.